2 Week Diet Plan Review: lose weight & gain energy

2 Week Diet Plan Review: lose weight & gain energy

We all want to lose weight and get in better shape, but it’s hard when we work 9-5 and have a lot of extra duties after work. Who’s not looking for easier ways and the perfect plan that is simple, doesn’t require a lot of time and guarantees great results? Sometimes it’s even hard to find the motivation to eat something healthier than a slice of pizza, not talking about going to the gym.

What I really think & What they’re NOT telling you! Just take a look at this review and live a better life forever!

Many people come up with crazy ideas how to lose a pound or two of their weight. We are getting frustrated if the chosen plan doesn’t work fast. And even if the system that we just found works, often it’s impossible to follow it in long-term horizon. Those programs require so many workouts that moving to the gym would be the only way to make the plan. Or we are just eating only ‘grass’ and have no energy.

Is it only about losing few pounds?

We all start off every ‘get fit plan’ with great expectations, but then we fall right back into those old habits within a few months. Losing weight should be a long-term objective. To stay consistent, the plan should be smart and easy to maintain. If we don’t feel better and it doesn’t help, we won’t follow the plan longer than week, two or a month. It should be a well organized diet & exercise plan that will ensure your body is getting all the nutrition it needs for this.

Are you feeling tired or sleepy almost every day? Always have the reason to complain about and are getting angry super fast? Just don’t have any energy and motivation to do what you need to do? Skip another cup of coffee and get a new health routine!

Have you heard that eating clean and working out boost our energy level?

When we eat healthy, also our body and our mind are healthy. Energy growth and weight loss are closely connected.  When your battery’s charged, you’re more likely to do a better workout. When you lose your weight, your motivation to keep going will boost your energy.

Talking about diet and exercise, is seems that it’s about losing weight. It’s obvious that exercise and diet are key to any weight loss and burn calories burning. But it’s also about getting energy and motivation.

Have you ever tried to do a lot of workouts without any special diet?

I mean eating really bad stuff like sweeties, fast-food and so on. Because I did. Hoping that if I do a lot of cardio, it’s enough to stay with the same body weight (or even reduce it). As a result, I ate even more – I worked out a lot, so needed also more calories. But the food that I ate was so bad quality that it didn’t provide me with even basic amount of nutrition that my body needed. I was even more tired and finally I stopped my physical activity again. I think we all tend to overestimate how much we exercise and underestimate how many calories we’re consuming.

Or have you tried to be on a diet without exercises?

I did it also. And although I really lost some weight, I didn’t feel good with my body – I didn’t feel that it’s healthy. Plus super restriction diet is really hard to maintain in longer time horizon. Why super restriction? Because when I just tried to not-to-be-hungry, there was no weight loss.

How I found 2 Week Diet Program

I was tired of those effects. In fact, I worked really hard and felt that I deserve some serious and long-term effects. I did a research and have found the program with really positive feedback. It was only 2 weeks, so I decided to give it a try.

I tried to get in shape in just two weeks with no crash diets and no cleanses, just clean living and working out.

Losing weight is a simple concept

You need to eat less calories than you expend on a regular basis so that your body begins to burn excess fat for energy.

So in other words, you have to create a calorie deficit. You can do it by limiting your calorie consumption and exercising regularly. But not to lose your energy, you shouldn’t reduce your calorie level too much – you will need some energy to support your physiological function.

Diet that boost your energy level and decrease weight

The best foods for losing weight is the best food that boost our energy level. Fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy are full of vitamins and minerals, and low in calories. They give you energy and shed your fat at the same time.

Remember to eat meals and snacks at regular time and avoid added sugars and fats and processed foods. They impact your blood sugar level and by making it unstable, decrease your energy level and makes you feel tired.

Get active to fully benefit from weight loss diet

It’s already proven that once you actually start moving around, the more you will want to move and the more energy you will feel. Even if it’s just getting up off the couch and walking around the room. Do you know this “I should go for a workout. If only I weren’t too tired to get off the couch!” effect?

A healthy, full of nutrients, weight-loss diet makes sure that you feel good and supports an active lifestyle. It’s a base and must to burn more calories and build muscle that are important because they burn more calories than fat. Having some muscles, you naturally burn more calories throughout the day by having more muscle. Short exercise sessions, not only helps you lose fat, but will make you more alert all day long. Exercise will increase your calorie needs so it’s also easier to reach calorie deficit.

The 2 Week Diet Plan: overview

You don’t have to choose diet or workout – here’s the program that is easy and teaches a healthy routine

2 week diet

The Two Week Diet is a weight loss program which helps users lose weight in a short period of time. No matter if you want to lose double digit amount of pounds in a month, or just start your healthy routine, here is something that should interest you.

There are so many lies within the fitness and health industry. It’s time to hear the truth. More importantly, it helps you understand why you haven’t been losing weight and how you can start to lose weight now.

It talks about metabolism, physical movement and effect of food, as well as the elements that affect metabolism such as genetics, age, gender, etc.

The 2 Week Diet is a science-based system

That’s 100% guaranteed to show its clients how to lose weight in 2 weeks in easy and safely way. It’s one set of instructions that are necessary to achieve not only a weight loss, but also body and mental transformation. It’s an ebook program that contains 4 books that will provide you with the needed resources to get the results you always wanted.

Name of the product suggests what this product is all about. However, it’s not only diet: it’s diet, workout and motivation base that is supposed to support the whole program and make sure that everyone will see the desired results.

The purpose of this plan is to help you burn stubborn body fat as fast as possible.

As the author says, on the diet alone, you should see weight loss in the range of around 1 pound of body fat per day. It is the diet program created for safe, rapid weight loss – it promises at least pounds of body fat in just 14 days. However even though it promotes quick weight loss, the whole process healthy and safe for users. It is diet system that already helped thousands to lose weight.

Who Created This Program?

2 week diet plan author, Brian Flatt

The author of this program is Brian Flatt – a trainer, weight loss coach, and nutritionist. He claims that the key to control your weight is just to maintain a balanced diet stimulating metabolic health and efficiency. To come up with this program, Brian read over 500 medical studies, a lot of diet books, reviewed hundreds of diet systems and programs. For sure he’s not stranger to the industry – he’s an author of many other popular weight loss programs – his 3 Week Diet program was an incredible success. He received a very positive feedback from users, but he also took lessons and learned from it. As a result, he came up with weight loss diet system that takes the best from each plan that we know today. The 2 Week Diet Plan is the result of deep-dive research and testing.

What’s This All about?

Losing weight is simply a matter of science. The 2 Week Diet succeeds where other weight loss systems fail. It answers all the doubts and questions that clients of many mainstream diet industry have and makes sure that its clients will understand all rules.

Gaining and losing weight is controlled by our biology. The 2 Week Diet Program aims clients’ better understanding of the body’s hormones and how they react with the nutrients we eat. You’ll learn how to take control of your weight and get off the weight loss carousel.

How This System works and what are the rules?

If you want to see the results of any diet program, you have to understand the foundation. It’s the same with 2 Week Diet plan.

This program focuses on boosting your metabolism, so you burn fat faster, longer, and harder. It happens when your body burns calories as energy instead of storing them as fat.

It’s mainly about diet: food that is fat-burning and food that damage us

The 2 Week Diet teaches us about the impact of our diet on our body and focuses on the healthy foods that can improve our metabolism, such as avocado, almonds, fatty fishes, and turkeys. It’s not only grass and carrots – the author of the program understands that if he wants those healthy habits to be our daily routine, we have to live a normal life. It’s the best part of 2 Week Diet – it’s practical and easy to maintain. Once you finish the program, you still continue to lose weight.

However, the program does not only reduce your weigh – it decreases cellulites, increases muscle, boosts your energy levels, improves your cholesterol.

The diet is important, but the program doesn’t just focus on food. If you want to be successful in losing your weight and running a healthy lifestyle, you have to remember about rule mentioned before – it’s 80% food and 20% exercise.

That’s why The 2 Week Diet Program is following components:

  • Diet
  • Exercise (20-30 minutes a day)
  • Motivation

What Do You Get?

2 week diet plan: what do you get and how it works?

The 2 Week Diet is divided up into several parts.

The 2 week diet program is a full, easy-to-follow system that comes with four books and helps in real weight loss. It’s not only one book, or one diet recipes. You’ll get 4 eBook handbooks that are giving you full picture on how to treat yourself better.

Launch Handbook for your 2 week Diet Plan

Task of the Launch Handbook is to translate science’s into everyday language. It’s like a clear introduction to 2 Week Diet fitness plan, supported by an explanation of the science that’s behind losing weight. It provides you with simple, easy-to-follow course in the specific nutrients needed to lose fat, increase metabolism, and regain your health and energy.

You get the effective fat-burning tricks you need, but what’s more important, you will understand the process behind gaining fat in the first place, so you can prevent its return.

However, it’s far more than just an introduction.

It gives you a full understanding of the science behind gaining and losing weight, so you can finally understand everything and intentionally follow step-by-step instructions to burn away stubborn body fat.

Do you have those moments when you just follow some diet and basically you don’t know why as you don’t understand full science behind this? Now it is much easier to take control of your body.

Motivation Handbook: Motivation & Mindset

When we want to reach some goal, motivation is essential. It’s also absolutely needed when we decide to run a diet program. Motivation Handbook focuses on changing your mindset and improves your internal motivation to change your body. It proves that a proper mindset is just as important as what you are eating. In this handbook you get science based methods for control and focusing on your goals.

Body transformation happens neither at gym, nor on plate.

Majority of transformation happens in our minds and to get the right mindset, we need motivation. This handbook not only will keep you motivated, but also will give you the inspiration and energy to break through mental barriers.

With the right mindset and motivation, you will overcome every challenge and obstacle. You will see the difference in your entire life, and lower weight will be just a nice bonus.

The Motivational Handbook will help you overcome lack of motivation and will show you how to focus your energy on achieving your chosen goals and prove that everyone can achieve the desired results. There are also some really great tricks, tips and secrets to losing weight and keeping the weight off.

Diet Handbook: The Diet

The Diet Handbook will give you all the instructions about how you can lose body fat every day. It basically says what to eat, when to eat, and how much eat to have a diet on track. It eliminates the guesswork that often accompanies other dieting plans and teaches how you can suit your rapid weight loss plan to your body type. It’s really personal. The program says that there is no “one-size-fits-all” weight loss diet plan that fits everyone.

They gave you simple instructions personalized for your unique body.

The book provides you with the kind of diet plan fitted to your body structure.

You will find out how to calculate your body mass and fat percentage. Picking up a best diet plan, everyone should remember that people are different and have different body types. One diet plan won’t be fully applicable for everyone. However, this diet plan is super easy to follow – it suggests what you should eat to burn fat and which food to avoid.

You will learn which foods you must avoid and which are most delicious fat-burning meals in the world.

The plan is easy, products affordable and lack of yo-yo effect guaranteed. It’s basically a plan which you can follow to totally transform your body.

There is also a whole section dedicated to different ingredients providing an comprehensive explanation of what our bodies need, what not and how this is connected with our weight. This part also contains an analysis of some of the most popular diet supplements that nowadays are used worldwide (also of the supplements not included in The 2 Week Diet itself).

Activity Handbook: The Workouts

While it is possible to lose weight on the diet alone, a quality workout like the one in The 2 week diet, can not only double your fat loss results but also put you in a better mood. The Activity Handbook will help you fully benefit from the weight loss process: If you want to gain more benefits from diet system, content from this ebook is a must. It fulfills the results of diet and is perfect for those who can’t work out regularly and those who just want to start.

The 2 Week Diet plan will help you to build effective and powerful work out routine.

One of the reasons people fail in their weight loss programs is because the workouts are too demanding.

This is not the case with The 2 Week Diet. Exercise doesn’t have to be long and extreme, but it’s mandatory if you want to speed up your weight loss goals. This handbook describes the workout program which can be done only in 20 minutes a day, 3-4 days per week, so if you do not have time to go to the gym or just don’t want to work out, but want to lose some weight and feel better, this program is perfect for you.

Do you love the gym? It’s great because The 2 Week Diet workout is broken down into two separate blocks: a home workout for those who want to use just their body weight, and completed gym workout plan for those who would rather workout at gym.

The 2 Week Diet program who is it for?

  • People with busy schedules who need a practical workout routine  they can follow
  • Those who hate gym (20min daily, 3-4 days per week)…
  • … and those who love it (complete gym plan)
  • It is perfect for all fitness levels, ages and body types
  • For those who wants to drop a few pounds for an upcoming event…
  • … get the body they’ve always dreamed of…
  • … or just want to feel better, improve their health, find flow in their life, boost their energy and overcome stress
  • Program is for those who want to start their journey or just want to try something different

Does it work? Is it worth?

If you follow the rules, the program will work and you can expect to drop body fat. There is no way that combination of some exercise, healthy food (and not staying hungry at the same time) won’t work. Especially, if you have such a dozen of great motivation. Of course, not everyone is going to lose some amount of pounds – how much body fat depends on different factors, such as your current weight, age, gender, metabolism or activity levels. The more active you are the beginning, more body fat you can expect to lose with The 2 Week Diet plan.

There is no way that combination of some exercise, healthy food (and not staying hungry at the same time) won’t work. Especially, if you have such a dozen of great motivation. Of course, not everyone is going to lose some amount of pounds – how much body fat depends on different factors, such as your current weight, age, gender, metabolism or activity levels. The more active you are the beginning, more body fat you can expect to lose with The 2 Week Diet plan.

Losing weight, it’s more than just changes in your appearance and new clothes. However, what’s even more important, the program will impact your health and life. Just a 5% drop of your body weight can improve your health and reduce your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

But that’s not all!

  1. Boost your energy level
  2. Feel and look better
  3. Increase metabolism
  4. Improve memory
  5. Enjoy your relationships
  6. Working out will be more fun
  7. Your health will be in a better shape
  8. Decrease risk of diabetes
  9. Decrease risk of heart related diseases
  10. Reduce the size of your mid-section and other problem areas

What I like about 2 Week Diet Plan:


  • It’s comprehensive all-in-one system – the plan that treat both diet and exercise with a straightforward, step-by-step plan of action
  • The program is easy to understand and follow: it gives users a step by step guide
  • It explains all rules and corrects common misconceptions popularized by the mainstream dieting industry
  • The eBook is available in multiple platforms as a downloadable eBook which can be accessed on your smartphone, computer or tablet – once you purchase the eBook, you will be able to transfer it to as many devices as you please, and you can even print out the eBook’s pages
  • It comes with a 60 day moneyback guarantee which covers you in case you decide that the program isn’t working for you
  • The 2 Week Diet can also be purchased in Spanish, French, and Italian
  • If you follow the rules, it’s the last diet book that you have to buy – they teach how to maintain weight loss and how to continue on this new journey


  • Products can be easily found: the ingredients for the meals are locally available in groceries and supermarkets
  • There are no supplements that you are required to buy in order to complete The 2 Week Diet
  • 2 week diet plan caters to all different tastes and dietary requirements so you can be assured you’ll have options that you love! Also, fits if you are vegan


  • Minimal workout is required which makes it ideal for all fitness levels, ages and body types: it’s only 20 minutes a day, 3-4 days per week
  • This fitness plan is designed in such a way that you will be able to use it as long as you want
  • There is also a workout plan for already advanced


  • Master your mind with scientifically proven techniques for focus and control
  • Stay motivated with the encouragement and support you deserve on your 14 day journey
  • Empower yourself with simple tips and tricks to keep you on track and burning fat like never before… and keep it off forever!

What I don’t like

  • It’s only digital product: you can’t find it in a bookstore
  • The program may cause a big weight loss, so you would have to buy new clothes with smaller sizes
  • You will need to work out 3 to 4 days per week, for about 20 minutes every session
  • You can’t eat whatever you want – if you want to lose weight, you can’t eat whatever you want. It’s not “grass only” diet type, but if you want a healthy lifestyle to be your routine, you can’t eat pizza every day

As you can see, the disadvantages of The 2 Week Diet plan almost don’t exist in comparison to its benefits. Just try!


There are diets with so restrict calories requirements that they drain your energy. But what I like most about 2 Week Diet Plan is doing it smart. The author understands that you can loose weight and feel great just by eating enough calories and nutritious foods. Plus, if you add in regular exercise, you’ll boost your weight-loss success and improve quality of your life.

I like most the fact that it’s a tailored program to your body. Because of it’s scientific background, it works for all – it explains all rules, it’s easy to follow, the food is super accessible and the workout doesn’t require a lot of time. And a big plus for the Mindset part – if it’s gonna be our lifestyle, we need a proper motivation.

At the end of the day, the only thing you have to lose with this program is weight. It’s only 14 days and if you don’t receive the results you were hoping for, you can get a full refund through the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. However, I’m sure that you will be more than happy with this program 😊

Rather than thinking of it as a “diet,” think of this as a lifestyle change — a permanent one.

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