Seven Minute Mindfulness Review: reduce stress & anxiety

Seven Minute Mindfulness Review: reduce stress & anxiety

We all desire to have a good life without any stress, hurdles or anxiety. We all deserve to be successful and self-dependent. However, stressful life makes us more pessimistic, angry and lack of energy. Each of us has suffered from this at any time in our life. The sad reality is we don’t know how to balance our life and overcome stress.
I’ve always found that learning is one of the most amazing journeys in life. But how about learning how to clear your mind? Do you want to find balance in your life and feel relief?

Stress less, sleep better, and show up every day as the best version of yourself!

  • Have you ever experienced a lack of energy, often at the worst possible times, when we just want to get things done?
  • Do you feel that stress that you face every day impacts your health, relations, and level of self-confidence?
  • Are you getting sick every one to two weeks? Can’t take control of your happiness and turned the tide against chronic stress? Do you have trouble dealing with stressful thoughts and can’t seem to shake off a negative vibe?
  • Do you want to feel much more relaxed and self-confident instead? To feel and eat better, sleep more peacefully and have a better perspective on life in general?

As someone who works long office hours and has many side projects, I often struggle with low energy levels and the frustration that comes with not being able to achieve everything I’d like to in a day. I don’t have time to set aside at least an hour just to meditate. Especially that I’ve never been doing this and even don’t know where to start…

If you feel the same and want to learn more, read this article.

Why I found 7 Minute Mindfulness program

There is a lot that goes on every day so it’s impossible to find time just to calm down. Probably it’s impossible to live a life fully free from worries or stress. No matter how much we try, our mind is full of chaos. And it seems that reducing stress, dealing with anxiety or just getting back the peace of mind is impossible. However, it only depends on us and that’s why 7 Minute Mindfulness program is a good idea!

Lack of sleep or stress at work can make us feel tired and lack of energy. And if we don’t release stress we get sick, diseased, and problems begin to push our lives off track.

Everyone should be able to pause and meditate to find that everything that is good in life. If we don’t release stress in an intentional way, we can become mentally and even physically sick. We don’t know how to relieve our mental tension, it can easily build up, leading to anxiety and depression.
Thanks to this method, I found peace of mind.

Overcoming stress and anxiety makes self-improvement possible. Achieving goals, improving relationships, finances, or generally improving our relationship with your mind and body won’t be a problem anymore.

If you are like me and can’t stop thinking even for a minute, Seven Minute Mindfulness program is for you!
Try 7 Minute Mindfulness and make from this habit!

Mindfulness makes us stronger

Different people may understand mindfulness in different ways, but basically, mindfulness is the ability to be in the present moment without judgment of our thoughts. It is adopted by thousands of people across the world. Mindfulness is becoming more attractive especially now, when we never slow down and give ourselves a moment just to think and feel.

The benefits of mindfulness are endless, but basically, it is the ability to be totally conscious and self-aware – it’s the art of unplugging from past or future thoughts.

Mindfulness can influence the very structure of a person’s mind. Especially, the region responsible for certain aspects of our thinking, such as awareness, concentration, and decision-making. So mindfulness mans a better ability to handle stress and significantly reduce its damaging effects on the brain.

Mindfulness gives us mental strength and can be a pain reliever – practicing mindfulness improves the way we process unpleasant situations. It helps when a crisis hits, to respond in a calm, calculated way rather than impulsively reacting. It will help us to go through life with less drama. Mindfulness also can be a powerful tool in fighting addictive behavior.

Mindfulness keeps our brains from getting older – it’s not just our bodies are getting old, it happens also to our brains. Train your brain as a muscle and think a positive way. Just like a tennis player trains to “naturally” swing his arm in a perfect line, you can train your thought processes to think in a way that moves you towards your goals and desires.

Mindfulness will give you all the things that you need and that is how you will succeed. There simply is no failing way.

Seven Minute Mindfulness Program – what’s that?

Seven Minute Mindfulness Program – what’s that?

Seven Minute Mindfulness is the online program designed to help those who need to relax their mind and body but don’t have much time or don’t know where to start. It contains ten different 7 minute audio tracks and 3 bonus guides that offers a fast and super easy solution to help you get a clear mind and live a positive, happy life.

This program has been designed for people who find it difficult to stay calm. Not only in most stressful moments but also on daily basis. If you are looking for mental peace and ways to make your life better in every way, don’t think twice before buying this program.

With the program you get the 7-minute audio track that works best in relieving mind and body from all kind of stress. It’s all about helping your mind so that you can get all that you think and be at the top of it all.

It is a straightforward program for those who are new to meditation or mindfulness. Or those who are just short on time. It aims to be easy to follow and to provide us with a step by step view on mindfulness and fitting it into our day. The 7-minute mindfulness program gives us a full range of mindfulness benefits, such as: reducing stress, dealing with anxiety, relaxation, lower blood pressure, or just the ability of clear and positive thinking. All this in easy to follow program format.

This program will remove all the tension from mind and muscles. Instead of that, you will be full of positive thoughts. You will get an endless source of strength.

Who Created This Program?

The program is created by Greg Thurston along with Scott Mason to teach others how to practice mindfulness in a busy world – in only 7 minutes a session.

Greg Thurston is a guy that struggled with the stress of everyday life. For the first time, he tried meditation as s a young guy in university. However, like a lot of us, he found out that he’s not ready to spend a few hours daily on meditation. He traveled to Australia, Thailand, Germany, and Brazil to find his way of practicing mindfulness.

Scott’s Mason story is inspiring – he woke up from a coma after an accident. He went on to recover, rebuild himself, and walk 1 000 kilometers along the South African coastline.

How does 7 Minute Mindfulness work?

How does 7 Minute Mindfulness work?

7 Minute Mindfulness program consists of 10 different audio tracks – each 7 minutes long. You can shuffle the order to keep yourself entertained and relaxed.

Binaural tones are used in each track – according to the Journal of Psychological Research, binaural tones are connected with calmness and relaxation. When two different tones are played together, our left ear hears one, and your right ear hears the other. This makes us to hear a third illusionary tone.

Deep relaxation music has been proven to improve whole-body health, lower blood pressure and decrease the level of stress hormones.

Each track you listen will have different tones and music to get you into a different mindful state. It will also have a different impact on your body as they are designed to offer different results. You don’t have to listen to the same track every day = no monotony! All you have to do is simply plug-in in headphones and listen to the audio tracks. Your mind will find its flow.

To get the results you just need to follow instructions carefully and on daily basis. However, it’s also very important to practice them as the best way of learning is just learning by doing. The aim of this program is teaching how to deal with anxiety and how to overcome stress to let people enjoy their lives.

What else you get?

Super exciting surprise in this program is the fact that together with inner peace and 7 minute long audio track, you get absolutely free bonuses guides!

The Mindful Millionaire Guidebook – 181 pages ebook taking a deep dive into mindfulness and teaching about different areas of our body. You will get big benefits from daily 7 minute sessions.

Your Little Book of Mindfulness Exercises – the short ebook that goes hand in hand with the audio program. It teaches you the short and simple mindfulness techniques you can use in your daily life – tips and tricks with first aid kit for your mental health.

Audio Book Version of the Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook – just relax and listen, whenever and wherever you want.

Check here if those 3 bonuses are still available


Seven Minute Mindfulness program is a great beginner guide to mindfulness. It explains how mindfulness can benefit you in your daily life. The 7 minute audio tracks are fun and unique. They don’t take a huge chunk of time out of your day. The program is aimed at those who want to start practicing mindfulness, but don’t want to do it for hours each day to feel the benefits. Relax deeply and release stress easily!

Instant results – be a better version of yourself

A huge benefit of using Seven Minute Mindfulness program is the fact that it gives quick visible and surprising results. You will see the differences not only in your mental health but also in your physical appearance. This program works best in relieving your mind and body from all kind of stress. It will make you fresh and energetic all over again. It will also boost your productivity and will help you deliver your best in all aspects of life.

7 Minute Mindfulness program will change your perception about life. Once you are less stressed, you will become more optimistic about life and others. It will help you to understand other people and instead of judging, see them in a more positive manner. It will give you the great mental peace that helps you calm your mind and be a better version of yourself.

Thanks to its freshness and relaxation, your life will be much more peaceful, anxiety lower and you will learn how to deal with stress, sleep better and achieve goals: improving relationships, finances or appearance. It won’t be a problem anymore.

Well structured and super easy to follow – just practice on a regular basis

You will find peace and happiness easily because all you will have to do is to listen and focus on what you need. To see the results and benefits of Seven Minute Mindfulness program, you just have to spend only 7 minutes daily. Moreover, this program is for everyone – no matter how old you are, if you are a man or a woman – meditation activates the natural health of our body and strengthens our brain. You don’t need any equipment / a lot of space – all you need to have is a little space just to sit down, practice the meditation and relax.

Meditation – really?

You’ll learn the basics of meditation – so if you were thinking about going into meditation, but never had enough time, skills or haven’t been convinced, Seven Minute Mindfulness program is perfect for you.

Although meditation is getting popular day by day and all over the world, it is nothing new. As early as in ancient times, people used meditation to relax their mind, body or soul. Meditation is a Zen practice – practicing meditation on a regular basis, teaches your brain how to relax and be calm. Meditation and mindfulness activate the body’s relaxation. It improves the overall wellness of your body.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of meditation, but don’t have a lot of time or don’t know how to start, 7 Minute Mindfulness program is absolutely for you. You don’t have to spend a lot of time from your busy schedule to get the results. All you need to do is to devote only 7 minutes of your day. Meditation is something that anyone can do – and it is its beauty.

And more…

  • Bonus items included
  • The program is really cheap and offers good value for money…
  • … but if for any of reason you won’t be completely satisfied, there is money back program – if you won’t notice expected changes, you will get your money back within 60 days


  • It requires some level of commitment to achieve the best results of 7 Minute Mindfulness – you need to follow the program every day for those 7 minutes regularly and make it a daily routine.
  • You can buy it only online – it’s not available in stores, so you need a computer with an Internet connection to buy and download the product.

Does it work?

Honestly, at the very beginning, I wasn’t sure if it’s gonna work – we all know that there are so many gurus on the Internet providing us with one more brilliant theory. And what is meditation? It’s just sitting! However, the program is not expensive, so I decided to check it out. At that time, I didn’t have much free time, energy or motivation – I ate unhealthy food and had no physical activity. I just needed some structure and motivation.

7 Minute Mindfulness program turned out to be perfect – it is only 7 minutes daily that cleaned my mind. The fact that it was one pack of structured staff and I didn’t have to look for something new each time helped a lot. Now I have much more energy, positive attitude and I’m much calmer – it’s a perfect first step to move forward.

Mindfulness exercises are something I like to practice as much as I can, daily if possible. Sitting down and focusing thoughts only on the present moment, helps quiet my mind. This is especially useful for reducing stress and giving peace of mind – which is why I’m a big fan of it.

Our bodies always maintain balance naturally. There is magic when things happen without interference from our intellectual minds. You don’t need to tell your finger to heal a paper cut. It just does. When we’re constantly thinking, especially when it’s thinking about what could go wrong, our minds lose this natural balance. Mindfulness brings natural order back to the artificial chaos.

See for yourself what happens when you activate your natural relaxation response and release the stress that builds up each day in your mind and body.


If you need stress relief, energy boost, motivation or just want to feel better, 7 Minute Mindfulness program is perfect for you.

Mindfulness is the art of unplugging from past or future thoughts – the basic ability to handle stress. When you are less stressed, your brain just works better, you get a clear mind, you are more motivated to do things you always wanted to do and live a positive, happy life.

So if you want a structured mindfulness program that won’t eat all of your time, that’s a program you should try!

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    • Although there is a lot on YouTube, but none of it is designed in such a format and so structured way like the 7 Minute Mindfulness program. Tracks have been specifically created to encourage relaxation in a proven way.
      Moreover, those are not just random files. This Program uses binaural tones that are different frequencies incorporated in the music to be played in each ear. These tones will boost the natural relaxation response in the body and improves both concentration and alertness. Your body responses to the type of tone you choose.

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