More than just New Year’s Eve resolutions

More than just New Year’s Eve resolutions

New year, new me – who’s not repeating this phrase over and over again? New Year’s Eve resolutions… Have you ever wandered why it’s so difficult to become a new version of yourself during just one magical night? Night between 31st of December and 1st of January, what a powerful one… But is it possible to fully change ourselves? Just because of the fact that the new day has come?

I think it’s not working, just because it’s too complex

New diet, new gym, new habits…
How about an easy start? Short and easy, but powerful.
Let’s build some frame, easy to follow steps that will build a great base needed for further growth. just to understand what you should focus on and how it works.

Drink water

Probably everyone have heard about water and the fact that it’s important for our health.
I always thought that it’s just a slogan, everyone knows that regular exercises and healthy meals are much much more important. Who cares about water? It’s just a water, can’t make a difference. It doesn’t reduce our calories…
And I do believe that it’s not only me.
But when I tried to do it properly, I understood how it works. When I drink necessary amount of water, I just feel better: have more energy and less headaches. It really helps. Hydration is crucial not only for our body, for also for our brains. I’m sure that everyone who have tried it at least one, will be a great advocate of this element.

Aren’t you convinced? Just try, it’s not difficult (probably it’s the easiest element of this whole healthy lifestyle ;)), doesn’t cost money and brings benefits that everyone spots.

How much should you drink? At the beginning more than you think you should. It’s said that 2 liters daily, but I think it depends. Drink at least 2 liters, but observe yourself and adjust. Have you started some more intensive workouts? Drink more! Have to pass some difficult test? Water is also crucial for your brain. Just listen to your body.

Move yourself

And I don’t mean move into the gym. It doesn’t have to be a super intensive workout, you don’t have to plan marathon or triathlon for next year. Just move yourself.

It’s said that everyone should make 10 000 steps daily. I really support this idea. I’ve got dedicated smart-band and it’s something that motivates me a lot.
It rarely happens that I’ll make 10 000 steps in the office, so usually I have to go for a walk to make this target. After whole day in the office, moving from one meeting to another, it’s really easy to have 7 – 8k steps done. Missing number really is not a big issue because usually means 15min walk.
And it’s really nice! Take it as an extra time for yourself – when you can just chill. It doesn’t have to be anything special – go out of the office for a while or take a walk before going to bed. You will have much more energy, positive attitude and optimism. And it’s just fun to go out after whole day stuck in the building.

Are you training some sport? Even better! For sure you already know and love the power of endorphins.

Benefit from your free time

We all have very limited free time. Now everyone is busy, our schedules are full. It’s really difficult to find someone who thinks that doesn’t need more time. But how do you use those free hours / minutes? Do you really chill?

Recently I had full planned weekend. 2 lunches, museum, walk in Old Town to check new Christmas decorations and some ice skating. I was sure that it would be really exhausting time and that some weekend after weekend would be needed. But you know what? I don’t remember when I had so much energy.
Do you sometimes want just to stay in bed and watch Netflix? Are you really relaxed and full of energy after such a weekend? Check those two options and just choose.

Find something that you just enjoy: if you know that shopping doesn’t work well for you, don’t do that. Go to park, play bowling, see your friends… Just be active.

Find the balance in your sleep

Always it’s been difficult for me to find 8 hours for sleep. But recently I finally stopped feeling guilty.

Sleep… Basic, probably easier than drinking water.
But how do you know if you are sleeping long enough? It’s said that every human should sleep 8 hours daily. And here’s the point where I have doubts. Do we really need 8 hours of sleep? It’s 1/3 of our life.

Earlier, when I wasn’t sleeping those 8 hours during workdays, I was sleeping longer during the weekends. I wanted to give it back: hey, you have to sleep those 8 hours! If you’re not doing this on regular basis, do it just during weekends. And as a result, I was sleeping even 10 hours on Saturdays or Sundays. I was sleeping over almost half of my weekends… But it doesn’t mean that I was full of energy.

Recently I tried something different. I try to sleep 6.5 hours but everyday, also during weekends. Regularly, like a routine. Moreover, I don’t treat sleep like a prize anymore. Sleep is nothing special, it’s just part of our humanity, just the function of our bodies.

Maybe it’s 1.5h difference, comparing to model-8h. But it’s 45 hours more monthly. 45 hours is almost 2 days. 2 days more each month for our passions, hobbies or time that we can use for self-development.

But don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that sleeping is not important. It is. But we have to do it right and treat it like a tool. Not like a prize, but like a tool that is needed for our everyday life.

Just be happy!

Drink water, make some physical movements, enjoy your free time and you’ll see that the quality of your time will boost.

And that’s it. Simple rules, no demanding workouts, diets, complex routines.
Follow those simple steps to find more time and enjoy your life. Be more positive, optimistic and energetic… Be a better version of yourself and just feel better.

  • Feel happier, reduce stress, anxiety and be more positive
  • Boost your energy level
  • Improve metabolism and lose weight
  • Help your brain and memory
  • Have more time
  • … and enjoy your life!

How about you? What is your favorite way for finding motivation and energy for every day?
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